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Grass Routes by KingwhistlerMay 17, 2015

Although credited to the “group” Kingwhistler, the 2014 Grass Routes was fully conceived by composer, vocalist and musician Nick Aliberti. The album is an upbeat, retro sounding piece, utilizing many rock and roots sub-genres and designed in the effect of an American road trip.

Grass Routes review

Choice 5 for May 2015May 5, 2015

May’s Choice 5 features releases from Big Engine, Daylight Robbery, Barry Myers, Chris Nelson and We Live In Sod Houses.

Choice 5 for May 2015

King For a Night by Guido MarzoratiApril 17, 2015

King For a Night by Guido Marzorati & the Blugos is an album filled with rich and diverse music that is exquisitely produced. The mixture of songs flows nicely from those with pop/rock flair and showmanship to those influenced heavily by Country, folk and Americana.

King For a Night review

From Now On by AzwelApril 9, 2015

Azwel is a one man project of eclectic music produced by Jason Perrillo. The latest release, 2014’s From Now On, is a solid album of rich and entertaining compositions.

From Now On review

Choice 5 for April 2015April 5, 2015

April’s Choice 5 features releases from A New Tomorrow, EB11, Kaos India, Kouzin Bedlam and Six String Noise.

Choice 5 for April 2015

Modern Times by Bob DylanMarch 31, 2015

Modern Times is a raw rendition of traditional jazz, blues and country by Bob Dylan. Released in 2006, the album was the first in Dylan’s five decade career to debut at the top of the charts.

Modern Times review

Pandemonium by Moors and McCumberMarch 23, 2015

Moors and McCumber is a songwriting and performing duo based in Boulder, Colorado who have released an impressive album of Americana music with some Celtic roots called Pandemonium.

Pandemonium review

Still Undead by The Sitting Bull and the BullshittersMarch 18, 2015

A Finnish band with an unusual name, The Sitting Bull & the Bullshitters released a solid rock debut at the beginning of 2015 called Still Undead.

Still Undead review

Nine Kinds of Happiness by Last Charge of the Light HorseMarch 8, 2015

Led by composer and performer Jean-Paul Vest, who decided to name his musical “journey” rather than group, Last Charge of the Light Horse has produced an impressive LP with their latest release, Nine Kinds of Happy.

Nine Kinds of Happy review

Choice 5 for March 2015March 5, 2015

March’s Choice 5 features releases from Adage, Paskura, Mutts, Aurin and Vie Jester.

Choice 5 for March 2015

Audioslave 2002 debutFebruary 25, 2015

The three remaining members of Rage Against the Machine brought on ex-Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell to form the “supergroup” Audioslave, which released their self-titled debut album in 2002.

Audioslave review

Journey at the JointFebruary 12, 2015

Journey announced that it has added some special shows to the end of its North American tour dates with the Steve Miller Band. The dates are actually a residency at the Hard Rock & Casino in Las Vegas called The Joint.

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Going to the SunFebruary 8, 2015

Reigning from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Going to the Sun released an interesting and entertaining self-titled debut, which includes diverse songs which range from synth-pop to coffeehouse-folk.

Going to the Sun album review

February's Choice 5February 5, 2015

February’s Choice 5 features releases from Lynch, RetConStruct, Avi Rosenfold, Tijuana Bullfight and The Trousers.

Choice 5 for February 2015

Kid A by RadioheadJanuary 29, 2015

January’s Modern Classic examines the 2000 album Kid A by Radiohead, which saw the post-grunge rockers take a radical turn into experimental and electronic music to both critical and commercial acclaim.

Kid A album review

Light Of Day WinterfestJanuary 10, 2015

Over the course of 11 days in January, the 2015 Light of Day Winterfest will take place at various locations in Northern New Jersey and New York City.

More on the Festival

Choice 5 for January 2015January 5, 2015

January’s Choice 5 features releases from Phillip Brandon, Chunkasaurus, Sarah Donner, Falling Awake, and Charlee Remitz.

Choice 5 for January 2015

The Endless River by Pink FloydDecember 23, 2014

20 years after their previous studio, Pink Floyd produced and released a planned final album, partially as a tribute to their late keyboardist Richard Wright. Most of The Endless River is comprised of instrumental tracks recorded with Wright in late 1993.

The Endless River Album Review

Choice 5 for December 2012December 5, 2014

December’s Choice 5 features releases from Craving Strange, Feel Never Real, Jason Masi, Nash, and We Are the Catalyst.

Choice 5 for December 2014

Funeral by Arcade FireNovember 29, 2014

Our Modern Classic for November looks at the debut album from Arcade Fire, the 2004 release Funeral. This sprawling concept album explores the collision between the naiveté of childhood with the heavy real-life issues of truth, circumstance, and death.

Funeral Album Review

Golden Road by Laney JonesNovember 23, 2014

Florida’s Laney Jones produced a fine 2013 debut album called Golden Road, which is filled with tracks built on authentic instrumental arrangements and a great variety in the sub-genres used for the approaches of each track.

Golden Road Album Review

Shiver + Shake by My GoodnessNovember 12, 2014

A bluesy power duo out of Seattle, My Goodness has released a potent and interesting album called Shiver + Shake, which was the final work by the late legendary producer Rick Parashar.

Shiver + Shake Album Review

Choice 5 for November 2014November 5, 2014

November’s Choice 5 features releases from The Ash, Distant Lights, Rentap, Sakara, and Testing Tomorrow.

Choice 5 for November 2014

Mumiy TrollOctober 30, 2014

The original rock and pop band Mumiy Troll has long been the top draw in Russia and neighboring nations. Now, with a new and potent English language album called Malibu Alibi set for release, the group is poised to make a major breakthrough in the Western world.

Mumiy Troll article

Snakes and Arrows by RushOctober 27, 2014

While in their fourth decade of major rock and roll production, Rush showed they still had the ability to produce an absolute gem with Snakes and Arrows. Released in 2007, this album may also be the strongest ever for guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Snakes and Arrows Album Review

Steakhouse album coverOctober 15, 2014

Self-described as “drifter rock”, Steakhouse forged a unique fusion of modern and classic styles on their self-titled debut LP, which contains music that seamlessly marries synthesized techno motifs with a solid Country and Western rhythm, along with long lyrical narratives.

Steakhouse Album Review

The BadleesOctober 10, 2014

For Modern Rock Review’s 4th Anniversary, we go back to the beginning, and our very first feature on The Badlees, who end their quarter century of musical and entertainment excellence with a final show in Pennsylvania tonight.

Badlees Profile

Choice 5 albums for October 2014October 5, 2014

October’s Choice 5 features releases from Tom Moriarty, No Show Ponies, Northern Whale, Velshur, and V.H.F.

Choice 5 for October 2014

American Idiot by Green DaySeptember 30, 2014

Green Day bounced back in a big way with American Idiot in 2004. With a fine blend of raw punk, accessible pop/rock, and some prog-rock elements, this 21st century rock opera struck the right chord for its time and place and we recognized it in September 2014 as our Modern Classic of the month.

American Idiot Album Review

V Rox StageSeptember 27, 2014

Our initial “Rockin’ Around the World” feature looks at the first music festival of its kind in Russia. “Vladivostok Rocks” was held in August and featured more than 80 live performances from about a dozen different nations.

Event Review

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