Harder Rock Review
Harder Rock Review is a periodic feature which began in 2016 and focuses on some of the better new metal music from across the globe with brief looks at new albums and featured videos.

Harder Rock Review, volume IV

Volume IV

Published on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

The Ages Will Turn by Thunder and Lightnibg  |  Berlin, Germany
Illuminator by Cage9  |  Ramat Los Angeles, CA
No Less Than Everything by Crossing Rubicon  |  Bristol, CT
Revenge by Amoth  |  Helsinki, Finland
World Crashes Down by Exploding Head Syndrome  |  Norway
Young Blood EP by American Killers  |  Sacramento, CA
“Before the Fall” music video by Words That Burn  |  Dundalk, Ireland

Harder Rock Review, Volume 3

Volume III

Published on Monday, January 8, 2017.

Curious Volume by Pentagram  |  Washington, DC
Gone (Not Here) EP by Augmented Reality Project  |  Ramat Hasharon, Israel
Lion Heart by Hollow Bones  |  White Plains, NY
Monolith by Misamore  |  Sacramento, CA
Never Enough by The Company Corvette  |  Philadelphia, PA
Prisoner of Sunlight by Austaras  |  Chicago, IL
“Let’s Rise” music video by Quor  |  San Diego, CA

Harder Rock Review, Volume 2

Volume II

Published on Thursday, July 28, 2016.

Discreet Enemy by PoynteFubear III by Fubear |  Jyväskylä, Finland
#Honesty by AEGEA |  Tampa, FL
The Invisible Disorder EP by Debunker |  Oporto, Portugal
Memento Mori EP by Centrilia |  Glasgow, Scotland
Stratosfear by Ad Vitam |  Sant’Antioco, Sardinia
“Truth” music video by Universal Mind Project

Harder Rock Review, Volume 1

Volume 1

Our initial installment of Harder Rock Review made its debut on Monday, April 25, 2016 with a look at six albums and one featured music video.

Chicken Cage of Horror by The Lidocaine  |  Estonia
Everything Old Is New Again by Stella Lost |  Laredo, TX
Lust for Sacrilege by Calabrese |  Phoenix, AZ
Skeletons by Danzig |  Lodi, NJ
The Prelude by Media Solution |  Italy
Tear of Ages by Divine Weep |  Bialystok, Poland
Video of “The Clandestine” by Tendonitis |  Zurich, Switzerland