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2014 Albums, Alphabetically by Artist

Artist Album Released
2KM2 It Was Tough 09/24/14
3 By Design Under the Surface EP 03/28/14
32 Below Every Little Thing About You 11/14/14
A New Tomorrow Back to Life EP 11/21/14
Adage Defined EP 08/02/14
Ryan Adams Ryan Adams 09/08/14
Sydney Alese Time 10/10/14
Americans UK Hostile Takeover EP 09/02/14
The Ash The Ash 05/01/14
Aurin Catharsis 10/14/14
Autumn Ghost Paint a Blue Sky EP 05/25/14
Azwel From Now On 08/01/14
Beck Morning Phase 02/21/14
Black Keys Turn Blue 05/13/14
Bubbles Erotica Elephants Never Forget EP 06/03/14
Artist Album Released
Call Security To Whom It May Concern EP 09/28/14
Charley & Jesi With Love 09/30/14
Chunkasaurus Chunkasaurus vs. Falconon EP 02/21/14
Coldplay Ghost Stories 05/16/14
Counting Crows Somewhere Under Wonderland 09/02/14
Nick Coyle Sound Makes Waves 07/22/14
Daylight Robbery Falling Back to Earth 10/18/14
Death Denied Transfuse the Booze 06/05/14
Distorted Harmony Chain Reaction 07/09/14
Sarah Donner That Is a Pegasus 06/03/14
Dustin Douglas Black Skies and Starlight 10/04/14
Dr. Hoss Dust for Prints 12/15/14
EB11 Enjoy the Ride 10/24/14
Eels The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett 04/21/14
Elephants On Our Graves Indonesia EP 12/27/14
Emmas Ringer Generations EP 11/25/14
Emperors and Elephants Devil In the Lake 01/21/14
Artist Album Released
Casey Fallen Atmospheric Disturbances 08/03/14
Falling Awake Falling Awake EP 05/06/14
Feel Never Real Rock Rebel Gold 04/15/14
Bonne Finken Fairy Tales / Love Affairs 04/29/15
First Aid Kit Stay Gold 06/06/14
Frozen Ocean The Dyson Swarm 03/03/14
Fubear Hopeless EP 11/21/14
The Gaslight Anthem Get Hurt 08/11/14
Going To the Sun Going To the Sun 09/12/14
The Grand Minnows Friday Lights 02/23/14
The Great Socio Find The Time 03/04/14
Greco All the Things You Want EP 01/21/14
Curtis Harding Soul Power 05/06/14
(Hed)p.e. Evolution 07/22/14
Mike Hyder The Craftsman 05/05/14
Artist Album Released
The Ink Twins Apple of My Eye 05/28/14
The Jellybricks Youngstown Tuneup 03/09/14
Kevlar Bikini Hi-Fi or Die 11/03/14
King Canute Drive EP 09/01/14
Kingwhistler Grass Routes 06/20/14
Kouzin Bedlam Longing For the Incomplete 12/05/14
Chris Koza In Real Time 10/28/14
Lenny Kravitz Strut 09/19/14
Last Charge of Light Horse Nine Kinds of Happiness 11/22/14
Jenny Lewis The Voyager 07/29/14
Liquid Meat In Meat We Trust 06/14/14
Love Like Hate Unnoticed EP 09/29/14
Maplerun Restless 10/14/14
Jason Masi The Power of a Woman 10/22/14
Guido Marzorati King For a Night 10/07/14
Ingrid Michaelson Lights Out 04/15/14
Modest Midget Crisis 09/28/14
Moving To Ashbury What Happened to Rock n’ Roll 12/15/14
Muckraker Karmageddon 06/16/14
Mutts Fuel Your Delusion, Vol. 4 12/09/14
My Goodness Shiver + Shake 06/24/14
My Own Ghost Love Kills 10/10/14
Barry Myers Starseeds & Dreamcatchers 09/23/14
Artist Album Released
Chris Nelson Once In a Blue Mood 09/08/14
One Worlds Collide 04/01/14
Original Stock Torn and Twisted 11/18/14
Our Lives Den of Lions 10/14/14
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Hypnotic Eye 07/29/14
Phish Fuego 06/24/14
Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band Make It Better 02/04/14
Pink Floyd The Endless River 11/10/14
Robert Plant Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar 09/08/14
Powerman 5000 Builders of the Future 05/27/14
Pulvis Et Umbra Implosion of Pain 09/23/14
The Radio Hour Radio Power 07/09/14
Radium Valley Tales From the Apocalypse 09/23/14
Charlee Remitz These Veins EP 07/06/14
Resistance The Seeds Within 11/10/14
RetConStruct Denizens of the Depths 05/27/14
Romantic Rebel Romantic Rebel 04/29/14
Artist Album Released
Sakara Forgetting What Was 05/27/14
Scent of Remains Under a Blackened Sky 01/21/14
Don Paris Schlotman Hardest of Hearts EP 07/01/14
Shakey Graves And the War Came 10/07/14
She Bears We Will Be Fossils 01/03/14
Shovels and Rope Swimmin’ Time 08/25/14
Siren The Row 11/27/14
Slash World on Fire 09/16/14
Gina Sobel and the Mighty Fine Burn Off the Dust 12/11/14
Social 66 Social 66 04/01/14
Spoon They Want My Soul 08/05/14
Bruce Springsteen High Hopes 01/14/14
Steakhouse Steakhouse 08/01/14
Stop.Drop.Rewind Smoke Signals EP 07/30/14
Sunken Monkey Party Scars EP 10/06/14
Switchfoot Fading West 01/14/14
Tantric Blue Room Archives 09/30/14
Tesla Simplicity 06/06/14
Tokio Hotel Kings Of Suburbia 10/03/14
Transatlantic Kaleidescope 01/27/14
Two Dragons Where Will We Go? 06/17/14
Artist Album Released
U2 Songs of Innocence 09/09/14
Velshur Spanish Sound EP 06/06/14
Vitutus Vitutus 09/29/14
The War on Drugs Lost In the Dream 03/18/14
We Are the Catalysts Monuments 10/01/14
Ken Francis Wenzel Beneath Potomac Skies 08/08/14
Jack White Lazeretto 06/10/14
Wild Beasts Present Tense 02/24/14
Windymills Big Mean Reality 11/24/14
JR Wolf JR Wolf 09/09/14
Wolfmother New Crown 03/23/14
XFactor1 Reboot: The System 09/02/14
Yes Heaven & Earth 07/16/14
Yeti Love Yeti Love 07/07/14
Ysma Fourth Wall 09/28/14

2014 Album Releases

Albums Released January through April 2014
Albums Released May through August 2014
Albums Released September through December 2014
Album Releases Page

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